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FAQ’s for ICT Procurement

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers relating to Curtin's ICT Procurement portal:


What is an Enterprise Model?

The new Enterprise computer model has upgraded specifications which have been chosen to meet the requirements of the majority of the University needs at a cost-effective price and next-day on-site warranty support.

The specs can be found on the ICT Procurement Portal.

Why has there been a change from how we order laptops and desktops?

Our statistical evidence for FY 2012/2013 indicates that 25% of PC orders were outside of standard specifications, however, of that 25% the majority were being ordered with upgraded processor or HDD and increased RAM, so CITS took the step to upgrade the specs to meet those demands. We listened to our clients.

Will training be provided to staff on the Asset Management product (Cherwell)?

Appropriate training was provided prior to end of August 2016 when the new system was implemented.

Anyone requiring training should contact ICT Procurement to make appropriate arrangements.

The most recent training notes are also available for viewing.

When will the changes take place that are being made?

The changes to the specifications of the laptops and desktops will be effective on November 1, 2013. The ICT Procurement portal will have the new specifications available at that time. CITS will pilot the new ICT Procurement process over the next quarter.

Are there new specifications for PCs and for Apple?

Yes. It is important to note however, that there are no guarantees with Apple orders in terms of delivery time frames. CITS highly recommend that staff order the Dell Enterprise Model to have some assurances on delivery time frames. It is also far more cost effective.

How do we order new equipment?

Staff must procure directly from the ICT Procurement portal which provides online approval of your order. The order is placed directly with Dell who hold these enterprise models in buffer stock in Perth. This means a faster delivery time to you.

If I do require something other than what the Enterprise Model provides, what do I do?

Custom models are still available for order, however, these will require consultation with ICT Procurement to ensure all your specialised requirements are clearly defined. A quote will be provided to you and your request will then be uploaded to the ICT Procurement portal to await approval by the appropriate Finance 1 cost centre approver. Upon approval, the order will be placed with the Supplier.

It is important to note that there are no guaranteed delivery timeframes for Custom orders. Computers are built at the factory and delivery time frames are subject to Supplier provided delivery estimates.

CITS and University Strategic Procurement encourages Schools and Areas to procure Enterprise class computer offerings where possible, thereby strengthening Curtin’s contract price negotiation capabilities with Dell.

Is there an Enterprise Model for Apple products?

CITS have recommended a ‘standard spec’ for Apple products based on historical evidence of orders, however, CITS do not consider these offerings as a recommended way forward. Orders are subject to the supplier’s (Apple) availability at time of order and there is no guarantee around delivery time frames. CITS has no control over this.

Why is the School or Area responsible for managing the asset and not CITS, once it is purchased?

CITS do not have the awareness of how the computer is managed during its useable life in the School or Area. The School and Area purchase the equipment for intended purposes and will know where it is at all times.

CITS have implemented a new ICT Asset management system (Cherwell) that will enable better tracking of equipment and reporting and thus assist each School and Area to better manage their equipment. Appropriate training was provided prior to end of August 2016 when the new system was implemented. If additional training is required, please contact ICT Procurement.

What is the benefit to my School or Area in this new process?

Overall this new procurement approach and process will provide a more streamlined and effective customer experience. Additionally it will contribute to improved fiscal responsibility for the University by reducing unnecessary expenditure. By choosing an Enterprise model it ensures a faster delivery time, particularly when onboarding new staff. It also results in greater quality of support services to the end user as opposed to custom equipment orders.

What is “Buffer Stock”?

Buffer stock is an agreement between Curtin University and the supplier to hold a guaranteed volume of enterprise stock to ensure the shorter delivery time frames are met. It also gives Curtin buying power which reduces price point.

Does CITS expect the Enterprise Model to change frequently?

During the pilot of this process over the next quarter, CITS will assess the success and act accordingly where any gaps exist. CITS will continue to monitor ordering behaviours and statistics. The recent upgrades in this new approach to procurement meet the overall needs of our staff based on buying practices in the last financial year. Where another dramatic trend in non standard orders occurs, CITS will assess this and act accordingly. As it stands, CITS are confident the enterprise model on offer is suitable and will meet the current needs of Curtin staff.

Who do I call if I am having issues with the ICT Procurement portal?

Please contact the CITS Service Desk.

What do I do if I am unhappy with the Enterprise model specifications?

Anything that is outside of the specifications of the Enterprise Model will be considered a Custom Model and will be managed accordingly in consultation with ICT Procurement. It is important to note that there are no guaranteed delivery time frames with Custom models. Also see If I do require something other than what the Enterprise Model provides, what do I do?

How do I update an IT Asset’s details?